Best places to eat in Canggu

When visiting Bali, you don’t have to worry about the food. Bali is full of hip restaurants and bars with the best menus. The area of Canggu in particular is known for its many restaurants with healthy options and laid-back vibes. Canggu is heaven for vegetarians and vegans, but carnivores: don’t you worry, enough options for you too! After taking a surfing lesson at Canggu Bali Surf, you should feed yourself so we will list some places for you that we recommend.

The Crate Café 
The Crate is usually a well visited place, that focusses on breakfast and lunch. The restaurant feels very hipster and laid-back. The menu is pretty diverse: smoothie bowls, hot meals, sandwiches, smoothies, coffees, etc. Just like in most other places in Canggu, the food looks absolutely insta-worthy, so bring your camera!

Old Mans
The perfect place to just sit and soak up the atmosphere. Old Mans is directly located at the beach and has many places to lounge. Even though Old Mans is mainly focussed on the evenings, you can eat here all day and the food is served very fast. On Wednesdays Old Mans organizes a beer pong tournament in the evening, with a nice party afterwards. Worth a visit!

The Shady Shack 
A great option for the vegetarians and vegans amongst us! The deserts are also delicious. The Shady Shack is mainly focused on breakfast and lunch, so their menu is full of fruit bowls and sandwiches. A great thing is that the place is located directly across a rice field!

Milk and Madu
In the centre of Canggu, you can find this tasteful restaurant. The vibe is very open and relaxed and this place is great to visit any time of the day! The menu is diverse with nice breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Eat your heart out when you’re having a healthy day with a smoothie bowl or a very tasty salad. And when you’re not having such a healthy day: the pizza’s and burgers are delicious!

Of course you also need some nice activities for in between your meals and you cannot visit Canggu without trying out surfing. Book your surfing lesson here!

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