We all know how important sunglasses are. Our eyes need to be protected from the UV radiation of the sun, but how do you know for sure that your sunglasses will protect your eyes?
Oakley is known for its 100% UV filtering, along with complete visual clarity. These sunglasses give you the opportunity to wear them also during activities. The look of these sunglasses is cool and modern.
This month in March, we have a HOT DEAL from Oakley! From 1st – 30th March 2020, you can get a 200K discount on a (full price) pair of Oakley glasses! Book a surfing lesson/class at Canggu Bali Surf Lesson, and show your receipt at Ovault Legian, Ovault Nusa Dua, Ostore Kuta Square or Ostore Beachwalk. The receipt needs to be redeemed within one week of taking the lesson/class.
Oakley is the best brand you can choose for using sunglasses while doing sporty activities. So if you want to surf and at the same get new glasses with a discount from a high-quality brand, hurry to Canggu Bali Surf Lesson!