Christmas in Bali: What to do?

Its festive season again, which means that the most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner: Christmas. Although Bali is predominantly a Hindu island and the streets will not be covered with glittering lights and Christmas trees, Christmas is part of the Balinese culture due to the big touristy influence on the island. In this blog you can find some nice activities you could do in Bali during Christmas.
What is Christmas without shopping? Getting nice and unique gifts for your family and friends are a must while being Bali during Christmas time. There are a lot of big department stores such as the Discovery Shopping Mall, Matathari Shopping Centre, Seminyak Village and many more where you practically can find anything you want concerning popular brands and clothing. However, if you are more into souvenirs and local products the Art Market in Ubud might be more of your interest.
Not only on New Year’s Eve Bali’s sky lights up, but also during Christmas big bangers will be shot into the air. Next to its beautiful appearance, the fireworks also have a functional purpose since they are believed to drive away bad luck and evil spirits. The best places to enjoy these big sparklers is on a peaceful beach or on rooftop bar toasting to the most wonderful time of the year.
Private party
If you like spending Christmas with your family and friends only, then throwing a private party in your own luxury villa with an infinity pool surrounded by a tropical garden might be more of your interest. Organize a nice dinner at home since Christmas celebrations are incomplete without great food.
On behalf of Canggu Bali Surf Lesson we wish you all a Merry Christmas! And remember that surfing during Christmas is by far the best way to spend your time in Bali. Catching a wave and having fun at the beach is definitely the type of Christmas you will never forget. Book your lesson here!

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