Four water activities in Bali you should not miss out

1. Surfing
The beaches of Bali are famous for the many surfers that come there every year. Not only experienced surfers but also beginners can have a blast in Bali, since the many different beaches create the perfect conditions for every surfer. The beaches of Kuta and Canggu are perfect to take your first lessons and learn surfing. The more experienced surfers are found in for example Uluwatu, where the waves are a bit more challenging. The Balinese beaches are also perfectly suited to take a rest and relax after surfing. Canggu Bali Surf is based in Canggu and therefore perfect for beginners, but also intermediate surfers are always welcome.

2. Aling Aling Waterfall
The beautiful waterfall of Aling Aling is located in the north of Bali, close to Lovina and Singaraja. The waterfall is approximately 35 meters high and absolutely breath-taking to see. A guide is mandatory and will take you to the waterfall. A five minute walk from Aling Aling will bring you to some other, smaller waterfalls. The fun thing here is that cement platforms were build next to the waterfalls, so people can jump into the water. There is a 5 meter jump, a 10 meter jump and a 15 meter jump. People who might not be to excited about the jumps can walk down via stairs and swim without jumping.

3. Rafting
The Payangan region in Bali is perfect for a rafting experience. The river will lead you through a beautiful jungle. Hop on a boat and prepare to be surprised by nature’s beauty. Rafting is not only for the dare devils among us, because the river is quite calm and will treat you nicely. Many rafting companies have pick up service and offer food after the rafting.

4. Snorkelling 
If you want to spot dolphins, manta rays or big turtles Bali is definitely the place for you with its rich underwater life. In the north of Bali, snorkelling is amazing at the island of Menjangan, where the water is crystal clear. Sometimes the visibility reaches over 40 meters! Amed, a city in the east of the island, is also known for its great waters to snorkel and dive. Other spots that are seen as great spots to do some snorkelling are Nusa Dua, Padangbai and virgin beach.

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