Surfing, as you might know, basically starts from standing on your board. If you are not capable of standing on it, you won’t be able to catch a wave either. It is really important to understand the techniques of how to stand on your board. This short explanation will make things easier for you when trying to stand up by giving three tips.
Imagine you see a wave coming and it is approximately 4 to 5 meters away, you turn your board around in order to make sure that its nose is heading to the beach. You lay down on your board with your chest up and your feet on the tail of the board. The wave is coming closer and closer, it is 3 meters away from you and you start to paddle with closed hands and fingers tight together. You paddle long and deep to get the desired pace. Now you hold tight because the wave is getting really close and almost touches your board. By now you paddle fast and strong and when the wave pushes your board, it is time for you to stand up. But what now?
Well, if you are standing up on your surfboard it helps to keep the following three simple steps in mind:
1.     First, stop with paddling and put your hands as close as possible besides your chest and push your body upwards.
2.     Then, one foot comes to the middle of your surfboard whereas the other stays a little bit more back.
3.     Lastly, while standing, quickly bend your knees and try to keep balance.
If the wave’s pace is too fast, it helps you to lean a little bit back. The tail of your surfboard will go deeper in the water which slows you down. If the pace of the wave is too slow then you should lean a little bit forward.
It all sounds very easy, but you will notice that doing it yourself without any instruction will be very hard. So why don’t you try a surfing lesson with our surf school? We will guarantee that you will be able to stand up and ride a wave after a one-day lesson! Book your surfing lesson here!

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