Learning how to surf: 3 do’s and don’ts for beginners

We all agree on the fact that surfing looks easy and interesting, but those who are brave enough to start learning about it will know that it is one of the most demanding sports to practice. Therefore, in this blog you can read about the do’s and don’ts when surfing for the first couple of times. By the way, today is the 26thof December which means that it’s Christmas time. On behalf of Canggu Bali Surf we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas!
A good mentor is always a must have. They will provide you with the basic surfing lessons before you even step into the water and they will ensure that everything is tip-top in shape regarding the equipment you will use. They give you valuable tips and make sure that you learn the technique in the right way.
Learning about the surf ethics and etiquettes can be really difficult when you are new to the sport. There are many unwritten rules, but we summarized the most important things you should focus on: 1) Don’t drop in. Quality waves are meant to be ridden by only 1 surfer, so don’t steal the wave. 2) Respect the locals. Every surfing spot has its own vibe and some sports are more “localized” than others. It varies from spot to spot take time to feel and analyze the vibe.
Do have fun! Surfing will make you feel young, wild and free and you should enjoy it. It is for a reason that there is a saying about the best surfer in the water, is the one having the most fun! So ride the wave and enjoy every moment of this breathless experience and the adrenaline injections will even further pump your heart!
Don’t think that after catching a couple of waves you passed the level of a beginning surfer. Before you start surfing you most know that surfing is one of the most difficult and complex sports in the world. No wave is the same which means that your playground is constantly changing. Learning how to surf is a very challenging and enjoyable process, but there is no moment at the 3rdof “Ok, I got this”. Even when people are surfing for years, they will wipe-out and fall over and over again.
Do not choose a surf spot which does not match your surfing abilities. It can determine whether you have the best time of your life or the worst. If you want to know whether a spot fits your skill level, then you should look up some information about the spot and about the daily wave conditions. Doing some research on the web is always good, but you will get the best information of local knowledgeable and experienced surfers.
As a last don’t we want to inform you about the type of surfboard you should use when you are a starter. Don’t underestimate the importance of your board. It is not about having the “brand the new model”, it is about having the right type.
If you are interested in surfing, then don’t hesitate to book a surfing lesson at our surf school. We will ensure that you will be able to stand up on your board during your first lesson and by providing you with all the necessary knowledge it will be a great experience. Our instructors are considered as experts and they will ensure that there will be loads of fun!

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