High Quality Equipment

We provide every customer with high quality equipment that is routinely checked for problems. This includes not only surfboards, we provide you with rash vests, helmets, surf wax or traction pads, leg ropes and other accessories.

Bragging the surf board around the beach is not the main point of surfing. The essential thing of surfing is about having a good time, conquering the wave, and showing off your skill. We offer you the trick of conquering and enjoying surfing at the same time. During your class with our Bali surf school, you will not only get a certified trainer and safety equipments but also have fun in learning surfing. With methodical learning, reliable and friendly instructors, and keen effort, no doubt surfing on big wave with full confidence is no more just a dream for you.

The equipments such as elastic rubber fin and pliable surf boards guarantee your safety particularly for you the beginners. Our Bali surf school provides you with surf boards Malibu’s of 7 to 9 feet in size and Malibu’s body boards. Not forgetting about you, the intermediate and the advance surfers, we tempt you with our 6.4 to 8.0 feet of fiber glass surf boards including with the complete equipment. For ensuring safety, wearing wet suit, surf board wax, and helmet is a necessity. Because for us, bring you the fun and keep you safe in while surfing are our main concerns.

We also require you to wear a wet suit, surfboard wax, and helmet

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