Surf Equipments

Nothing sucks more than having subpar surfing gear. Not only does that put you at risk in the water, but it can quickly end a good ride if your foot strap snaps or your board splits in two. This is why Canggu Bali Surf Lesson invests in the high-quality surf equipment necessary to guarantee your safety.

We will supply you with all the proper equipment, the best in the industry, ranging from surfboards, wetsuits, helmets, surf wax/traction pads, leash/leg ropes and other accessories. Our learners’ surfboards are made from soft foam material and flexible rubber fins. They are safe and specially designed for beginners.

Our Malibu brand surfboards vary from 7 to 9 feet in length. We also have Malibu bodyboards available and fiberglass surfboards ranging from 6.4 to 8.0 feet with all equipment included.

During surf lessons, we also require students to wear a wetsuit. It is for your own safety as a wetsuit will help maintain your body temperature in cold water while also shielding you from some of the UV rays put out by the intense Bali sun. Our wetsuits are made of a flexible material and available in various sizes, ensuring it will keep you safe and warm.

We will also provide you with surfboard wax suitable for lessons at different water temperatures. This bad boy will stop you from slipping off the surfboard while paddling and surfing.

And last but not least is a surfboard leash which is indispensable to any surf. The leash keeps you paired with your board while in the water, so that it does not drift away if you fall off. It’s attached to one end of the board while the other end is comfortably strapped to your leg.

Helmets are available for extra safety, but are optional. Note that many surf spots in Bali are very rocky, and a helmet is a good addition particularly for beginners.

With top gear available and highly-trained instructors, Canggu Bali Surf Lesson ensures that you will be safe and fully protected while having the time of your life surfing in Bali!

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