Some people go on vacation because they want to enjoy the sun, others do the opposite and go to the snow because they want to go skiing. There are also people who go on vacation to go surfing. You really need to keep in mind what the beach conditions are of the place you’re going. If you go to a beautiful surf spot, but at the wrong time of the year, it might ruin your whole vacation… To avoid big disappointments, we will give you a little handout of where you can surf best in which seasons!

We will start with the best places to surf in AFRICA…


The high season in Morocco is between September and April, and it’s best to surf at that time. If you are more experienced, you might as well go to catch some waves between December and March. At this period, there are powerful and heavy waves.

South Africa

April and May are the most pleasant months if you want to surf in South Africa, but you can also catch great waves between February and November. During the winter months between May and July, it’s a little bit cooler.

We move on to the next two continents…. ASIA AND OCEANIA


The dry and high season is between May and October. The prime time is in July but also in the wet season from November till April the quality of the waves is very good. It differs a little bit in Bali: the high season here is between May and September, with the best surf conditions between November and March as well.


The best season to surf is from April to November, but also during the winter months, the waves are ‘gentle’. For beginners, this is a good place to surf at any time of the year.


In Australia, the weather is very warm between March and May because of the high season. It’s less crowded in the sea between June and September because during these months, powerful swells hit the coasts.

Sri Lanka

This is the best place to go if you want to extend your surf vacation from a few weeks or months to the rest of the year. You can stay on the island! Start on the east coast of Sri Lanka between May and September. Not done surfing yet? Then move from October to April to the west coast.


Fiji is even more perfect then Sri Lanka as you don’t have to move during the year to another side of the island to catch better waves. The whole island has throughout the whole year a good beach condition, and you can stay for the whole year. The best surf can be expected between April and November, though.

The Philippines

Also, the Philippines are a year-round destination, but the best surfing conditions will appear between December and April.

The next stop on planet earth is Europe!


This place is for beginners a good start because of the warm and sunny weather in combination with the gentle waves. You can go there between May and September. Are you more experienced? Then wait for your trip to Portugal till October. The best waves will come to life during the winter months, from October to April.


It’s prime time in this country between September and April when the sea has powerful swells and cold water. Friendly waves for the beginner can be found in the summer months. On the Canary Islands, the high surfing season is between October and February.

The UK

The best surf can be found during the autumn months but make sure you prepare well and take your wetsuit with you because the water is cold all year! Between September and May, it’s high season.


For beginners, we recommend going to this country between June and October, when the water is warmer, and the waves are friendlier. Powerful waves and heavy swells show up during the winter months. Be aware that the water during these months also can get very cold.

The next countries we will discuss are placed in the continents of America and the Caribbean!


Also in California, you can surf whenever you want because the conditions will be good for surfing throughout the whole year.


In this list, Hawaii can’t, of course, be missing… It is known in the whole world for one of the best surf spots, and this is especially between November and March when large swells kick in. Do you want a better quality of the waves and not as much crowd as in the high season? Then come back between March and May.


Also a year-round destination. Between April and September is the best time to go surf.

Costa Rica

Also, a year-round destination, but the best times to surf are between May-October and November-March.


Between June and September, it’s the best time to go out for a surf in Mexico.


In South and Southwestern Peru, the surf season is between April and October.


This country is surprising you: Chile counts an average of 300 days of surf per year, isn’t it amazing? And last but not least…


This is also a year-round destination, but the prime time to go surfing is between May and November.

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