Surf spots in Bali

Surf spots in Bali

Bali is a great island to discover by scooter. Due to the busy traffic, a scooter is the most convenient to travel the island. In Bali, the surfers also drive to the best surf spots with their bikes. The surfboards are attached to a rack on the side of the scooter. Bali is known for its various surf spots. People from all over the world come to Bali to catch the waves. The good thing about the waves in Bali is that there are waves for every level of surfer.

Where Uluwatu in the south of Bali with its huge cliffs, reefs and big shore break is more suitable for the more experienced surfer out there, Kuta is more ideal for the beginners.
Kuta is located just near the airport and is easily accessible and is the epicenter of luxurious hotels, a big shopping mall, and many clubs. Visit Odysseys Surf School, to begin with surfing!

Just above Kuta within 20 minutes drive lays Canggu. This area is famous for all its clubs and excellent restaurants; you can feel the easy surfing vibe all across the area. Visit Old mans for a nice beer and watch the sunset on the beach. Canggu is also very famous for its variety of surfing spots for both beginners and intermediate level surfers.

These are just a few examples of spots to surf. However, there are more surfing spots all across Bali definitely worth paying a visit. Mainly the surfing spots are located on the southern peninsula of the island. However, you can also find some surf spots on the eastern and western side of the island.

Visit Padang Padang beach, for example for its consistent swell and tournaments for pro surfing. The waves in Padang Padang are less immense and intimidating than the waves in Uluwatu. Keep in mind that surfing at these hotspots can be very hazardous as you can fall on the shallow reefs lying underneath the water.

The surfing lessons for both beginners and advanced surfers can be booked at Canggu Bali Surf Lesson in the LV8 resort in Canggu!


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