Surfing Gear – What do you need as a starter?

Surfboard … duh!
This is probably the first thing you will think of when you are a beginning surfer and looking for surfing gear. If you want to buy your own board, we recommend you to go to a professional surf shop and to inform yourself first. The choice of a surfboard is namely a personal one and you should know the ins and outs of a surfboard first. At Canggu Bali Surf we provide our customers with two different types of surfboards which you can use during the lessons, one for beginners and one for intermediates. For beginners, we have a large soft surfboard whereas intermediates will surf better with a smaller hard one. There is no good or bad, it is just what fits you and your surfing skills best to give you the best time possible.
You may not think at first about the clothes you will wear during surfing, but the gear you will be wearing will make sure that you will stay comfortable, warm and rash free while surfing. It is therefore very important to think about what you will be wearing when you paddle out on the ocean. Canggu Bali Surf will provide you with a rash vest when you book a surfing lesson at our surf school. It is basically sort of a wetsuit but then specially for your top. When the vest gets wet, it traps a layer of water between you and your vest which protects you from rashes and scratches. If you prefer to wear other equipment, you can also consider buying a vest, wetsuit or something else yourself. The prices are completely depended on what you exactly wish to buy and again we recommend you to get some advice at a professional surf shop.
Surf leash
A surf leash is definitely a must-have piece of surfing equipment. Surf leashes are meant to keep track of your board during nasty wipeouts where you completely lose yourself in a wave. There are two types of leashes namely one around the ankle and one around your calf/under your knee. The most commonly used leash is the ankle leash and at Canggu Bali Surf we will provide you with one when renting a board or during the surfing lesson.
Whether the sun is shining in a clear blue sky or hidden among the clouds, harmful rays of sun will penetrate your skin. Especially when you are surfing, the reflection of the water will hit areas that are normally not exposed to the sun seriously damaging the skin. Even when wearing a complete wetsuit, there is still a chance of burning your face, hands and feet. Therefore, it is very important to use sunscreen in order to prevent your skin from getting sun burned. Make sure to use water resistant sunscreen and to reapply the screen after approximately one hour. A good alternative to sunscreen is zinc. It sticks on the skin for a longer period of time so you can enjoy your surfing longer since reapplying is only necessary after approximately two hours (depending on the quality of the product).
Of course, there is a lot of other surf stuff and equipment which can be used during surfing. However, with these four basic needs you will be fine for the first couple of times. At Canggu Bali Surf we will make sure that everything is arranged for you when arriving at our surf school. Boards, rash vests and surf leashes will be provided so even if you do not have surf equipment yourself, you still can enjoy the waves. Our instructors are waiting for you to give you the best time of your life, so book your lesson now. Also check out our Instagram and Facebook page in order to get an impression what a surfing lesson at our surf school looks like.

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