Surfing is always about having extreme fun. Even if you think that surfing is effortless, we will still provide you with a good surfing lesson for beginners. By joining our beginners surfing lessons, you’ll improve your surfing skill at your own pace.

In this lesson you will learn about

  • Quality trainer surfboards and equipment
  • Understanding the type of boards and terms used in surfing
  • The Correct position for lying on your board
  • How to paddle and stand – step by step
  • Choosing the right waves for your ability
  • Safety – how to best ride in your board, surf etiquette and positioning

You must be curious how to do such great maneuvers with your surfboard, right? Hold on for a second, because that time will come. Sitting then standing up on your surfboard is the one important thing that you will learn how to do first and all the way through, practice makes perfect confronting the waves.