Surfing towards health

Since life usually rushes by when trying to keep up with work and a social life, it sometimes is hard to also think about your health and take care of your body in the way it deserves. As luck would have it, there are many ways to take care of your body and mind. One very effective way of staying in physical and mental shape happens to be surfing.

The ones who ever tried surfing know that it requires you to be physically active and that especially the paddling needs quite some muscle power. Did you know that the paddling is actually a great upper body workout on itself? After standing up on the board, the legs do their job and constantly remain active while the core keeps the body in balance. Surfing is also very effective for the ones who strive for weight loss because the average surfer burns around 400 calories per hour!

Next to the physical advantages surfing is also a good way to clear the mind. The ocean has a very positive influence on the mind since it is human instinct to head for the outdoors. Nature has a very calming, relaxing but energizing effect on us. Next to that, physical exercises like surfing cause the release of endorphins which give the surfer the feeling of euphoria and automatically lead to a good mood! Surfers also indicate that the sport releases them from thoughts because they only have to focus on the ocean, their board and their technique.

Do you want a nice exercise or do you want to clear your mind on the Canggu waves? We would like to help you with that! Book your lesson here. See you soon!

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