What does a surfing lesson with Canggu Bali Surf look like?

Are you a beginner surfer or perhaps even someone who has never surfed before? Then Canggu Bali Surf is perfect for you and in this blog post we will explain the ins and outs of an average surfing lesson with us.
Canggu Bali Surf offers free pick-up service to their customers! Are you staying in Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta, Legian, Tuban, Jimbaran or Nusa Dua? Then we can pick you up at your hotel or villa. When you book your lesson we will arrange pick-up time and we will make sure that you arrive safely to Canggu Bali Surf to have a great surfing experience.

Material and clothing
When you have arrived to Canggu Bali Surf, which is located in the beautiful Lv8 Resort Hotel, our host will provide you with a rash-vest which you can wear over your own swim wear. The host will show you the changing rooms where you can get ready for your lesson. The changing room has lockers, of which you can make use of. There are also toilets and showers in the changing room. When you are done changing and you are ready for the lesson, you will go back to the office, where your instructor will be waiting for you. He will give you a board and everything else you will need in the water.

To the beach
Everybody is ready and set, time to go to the beach! The instructor will lead the way. There is a Canggu Bali Surf parasol on the beach for shade and under the parasol you can find fresh mineral water you can always take. You will take your board to the beach and the instructor will explain everything you need to know about surfing techniques. You will rehearse standing up on the board on the beach, to make sure you know what to do in the water. Almost ready to catch your first waves, but only after the warming up.

In the water
Depending on the level of surfing skills the customer already has, the instructor will pick the perfect waves for you. The instructor will provide you with useful feedback during your lesson so you can improve your surfing on the spot. The lesson takes 2,5 hours in total, enough time to get the feeling and make serious steps. After approximately 1,5 hours you will get out of the water to take a break. You can drink water, relax in the shade and enjoy the beautiful beach. After your break, you get back on the board for another hour. During your surfing lesson, our photographer will take high quality pictures of you as a nice memory.

After surfing
When the lesson is over you take a warm (or cold) shower in our high-end changing rooms and change back into your normal clothes. You don’t need to bring your own towel, we will give you one! When you are done, you can come back to the office where you can check your surf pictures. When everything is arranged our driver will bring you back to your accommodation with a lot of new memories and experiences.
Does this sound fun to you? Make sure to book your lesson here, and we will make sure to make you smile!

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