Certified Surf Instructors

All of our instructors are ASI certified and thoroughly trained for customer safety. Learn confidently in a safe environment, knowing that every instruction has been trained for Life Saving Surf Rescue, Advanced Resuscitation and Senior First of the International Standard.

Our most precedence and commitment is client safety. That is why our Bali surf school gives you the quality and professionalism in training you. To assure that, qualified and skilled instructors are ready to guarantee the client safety. Our Bali surfing school’s instructors are certified with Lifesaving Surf Rescue of bronze level. Not only that, our instructors are also recognized by Academy of Surfing Instructor Australia and Advanced Resuscitation and Senior First Aid International Standard to clarify that your safety and comfort during the lessons are our professional standard and service.

Having completed all the requirements for Surfing Instructor Level One at Academy of Surfing Instructors Australia, all of our instructors promise you the best quality of professional instructors. Good in English and several instructors can also speak Japanese, providing you such pleasant place to learn surf in Bali with attentive care in safety and professionalism. Having a good communication skill, competent and experienced, and good in personality that all of our instructors have assure you that we give the best and provide such convenient way to learn to surf with our surf school.

Bringing the fun and challenging experience, our Bali surf school will teach so you will never get enough of it. The first try is not always successful. Do not worry about it. Our instructors will gladly teach you with patience and care so you will never have to urge to stop or feel despondent. You will love it when finally succeeded in conquering the wave of passionate Kuta beach. What you need is a never give up spirit, our qualified instructors, and a surf board. Once you decide to join our class, surfing is easy and can be so addictive!